Economic Information and Strategie


Ca’ da Mosto was established in 1986 as the holding company of entrepreneur Sergio Tegon’s family; in 1998, when Pepper Industries (part of Ca’ Da Mosto) was sold, it was turned into a production company, with the purpose of incentivizing the development of the Seventy brand both in Italy and abroad.

In 2013 Seventy, employing a staff of 150 people, reported a turnover of over 49 million euros, posted again at the end of 2014.

The bond between Seventy and Italy is crucial: the brand owes to its domestic market 76 percent of its revenues. And, despite the blatant drop in Italian consumption of the last five years due to the economic crisis, Seventy’s sales kept growing, confirming the consideration and trust that the customers still feel for the Veneto-based brand.

The focus of the company, still aiming at the consolidation of its presence in Italy, is progressively shifting to foreign markets, today posting 24 percent of its revenues: Seventy’s
main overseas export markets include Russia (6%), Japan (5%), Spain (4%) and Switzerland (3%). Seventy’s medium-term development strategy provides for the retention of its market share in continental Europe but also an overture to emerging markets. In particular, Seventy aims for reinforcing the German and Russian markets and approaching the Scandinavian markets by landing in Norway, Denmark and Sweden with its brands.
Retention of its market share in Europe and an overture to emerging markets